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When it happens, I suggest6 to put a link to "legal discussion topic" in first post. After 30 pages or so, I bet you will get concerns like that from other people, or maybe even question from devs, sometime.

Also, it wouldn't leave the impression, that you're trying to "hide" some concerns from may-be-interested devs. while I agree with your argumentation and don't believe any *successful* legal threating could happen against anything related to Neo900, there is always probability of some corporate idiot getting mad ideas, and some lawyer wanting to profit on them.

So, devs interested in working on this should be aware that *some* people are afraid of legal troubles (as well as your answer on those concerns). Thus, while separate thread is OK, I think putting link to it in OP (with note that this thread here is *not* place for such discussions) would be elegant think to do, to say at least.

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