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Wow! All of a sudden Yappari thread has become very active. Thank you very much Ceene! Do you think you could implement chat bubbles as Scorpius always wanted Yappari to follow Maemo's messaging UI?

I'm sorry but this is something I won't be implementing. There isn't only one reason, and even though s4br0s0 has articulated most of them, there's an even more important reason for me not implemeting bubbles: I wouldn't even know where to start.

I'm not really a QT coder, nor in fact an UI coder at all, so I would have to spend lots of time just to draw a simple bubble, I don't want to think about all the time I'd spend on this while there are other features I care more about.

Nonetheless, if anyone is able to write such a GUI and make it so its optional, I will be merging those changes into mainstream without a doubt, but I won't be doing it myself.

Sorry about that.

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