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Jolla Store mobile interface seems to clip the changelog, so putting it also here (at least this time):

* Tue Jan 20 2015 2.4.48
- Improved Bluetooth detection
- Improved Launch action application list ordering
- Improved use of wakeup timers
- Tapping notification now launches the UI
- Fixed notification localisation
- Fixed behavior over application restart
- Further updates to EULA allowing multiple installations

* Thu Jan 8 2015 2.4.46
- Fix user reported problems mainly related to notifications, power consumption (high cpu) and reliability
- Improved notifications by showing up-to-date data with rapid changes
- Small update to EULA allowing multiple installations

* Mon Dec 22 2014 2.4.42
- Initial version for Sailfish

EDIT: Any further feedback on the bluetooth functionality is welcome as I have very limited testing capability. Especially it would be useful to know if BT headset works as an audio accessory now (with Accessory condition).

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