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Oh great, he's on this forum as well. What's up with all the needlessly angry Swedes?
Well duh, many years before you were! I got my first N900 as soon as it became available, got two more after that, still have all three in working condition, got one of the few N950's, one N9, donated to the Neo900 project years ago without ever expecting a device, got the Jolla 1 from the start, the Jolla C, and even a backup Intex Aqua Fish that I converted to C with coderus' script. Before the N900 I was on Symbian, and I have never owned or used an Iphone or Android device in my life. So whatever your Maemo/MeeGo history is, if you want to compare ePenis-size then just name the ****ing time and place. Of course, seeing as how you're now "ignoring" me, I'd say what you actually have is an ePu55y.

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