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After a busy weekend porting I've built a new port for the Z3 Tablet based upon the AOSP 6.0.1 hybris branch released by Jolla last week as part of the Xperia X stuff.

The situation is already looking much better than before, with working Wifi, sensors (yaay dynamic orientation!), media playback, and cameras (working as well as AOSP, which is badly).

It's still a bit rough around the edges and things may not work consistently yet, some videos might not play and some play with no sound.

There's a few issues I want to sort out before releasing it to the public, like the lock screen doesn't work properly and it regularly hangs during the boot process for some reason but once Jolla releases 2.1.1.X I'll release an update image for the Wifi version.

The 3.10 linux kernel means we might be able to run anbox too which would be nice.

Hopefully either Nokius or nh1402 will build a image for the LTE version, the fixes should be mostly the same.
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