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Not the only one having problems with this as keeps saying installation interrupted cancel or retry but now partly solved by installing missing dependencies as below then re-run "Install" in developer mode. Getting wake-up plug in error but functioning and reading 0.25W on mine. Sorry spent enough time on this for now but don't know whether order of installation makes a difference to result and too many possible permutations.

Presuming that you have Coderus Aegis-install hack package installed;

If you place any of armel.deb in home/user/MyDocs you would need to use aegis-dpkg -i filename to install after devel-su password cd /home/user/MyDocs

You can look for these upon Coderus's repository:

libnep0_1.4.1+0m6_armel.deb (would install this first though)

No point trying to install devtools-power_1.48+0m6_armel.deb by itself as doomed to failure.

Perhaps somebody else has better luck in getting no errors with this.

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