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Remember you must allow the phone to accept non-Store packages in Settings > Applications > Installations first and then easiest to point N9 browser towards openrepos.
That has already been done.
Any ideas as to why the darn thing fails? 0.7.2, that is? 0.6.0 worked, but of course, still no Energy profiler, and now (of course) it wants to update to 0,7,2, but fails.
Weird world.

Can i install it manually by running these files on the phone?

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libnep0_1.4.1+0m6_armel.deb (would install this first though)
(Thats how i installed the repo. Downloaded it on the PC, put it in the "download" folder on the phone, and used "File Manager" ( ) to navigate to it, and tapped once on it. But this Energy Profiler thingy seams a bit more.... complex.