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Hi today I want to share my live debian jessie 32bit iso image.

I created it for helping windows user and to have a quick and easy possibility to flash a N900 or to boot the rescue os. With hopefully nearly every pc (no clue about efi boot, I only have old hardware).

This should be a hybrid iso image. I tested it only with an usb memory stick.
It is pretty easy to install just dd it to your stick. Just make sure which device your stick is.

dd if=maemo_flasher_debian_live.iso of=/dev/sd?
For windows try something like

This live linux is a minimal debian, there is no window manager.
Maemo flasher and 0xFFFF are on board.
Rescue os could be found in /opt/n900rescue
libusb-0.1.12 installed

The image partition has a size of 162.97MiB.
With the available unused space on the stick, you could create another partition and copy the firmware files.
This partition needs to be mounted after booting.

What I tried so far is booting the rescue os and ssh to device.
Mounting another partition from stick.
At the moment I don't want to flash my N900s to much work to get the status back .
However I am really sure that this will also work
Testers and comments are welcome.

username: root
password: supermaemo


maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.1.tar.gz (zippyshare)
maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.1.tar.gz (mirror link without JavaScript fingerprinting bull****)
maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.2.iso (ddl)
maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.3.iso (ddl)

2fde6f1699334739f56f119131eb1214 maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.1.tar.gz
d68182f94e1493899935ad9b44f7b7db maemo_flasher_debian_live.iso
b890f956039c915a1be8daabf182c0f9 maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.2.iso
a145289210b874228a7e6627e646457f maemo_flasher_debian_live_v0.3.iso

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