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Version 0.3 debian jessie 32bit added package list
- added console-data for keyboard layouts
- added N9(50) rescue image and bootloader /opt/n950rescue

Version 0.2 debian jessie 32bit added package list

- adb (Android 4.2.2 Debug Bridge)
- fastboot (Android 4.2.2 protocol for communicating with bootloaders)
- flasher 3.12.1 (N9/N950)
- dfu-util (openmoko, Motorola EZX[openezx])
- fiasco-gen
- mtd-utils

Version 0.1 debian jessie 32bit installed package list

- 0xFFFF v0.7 [by Pali]
The ‘Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher’ aka 0xFFFF utility implements a free userspace handler for the NOLO bootloader and extended features for flashing, dumping and getting information for the Nokia Internet Tablets. Thus it's a free alternative to Nokia's closed source flashing utility called flasher.

Supported operations currently include, but are not limited to:
* generating and unpacking FIASCO images on local device
* editing Maemo firmware packages
* flashing any kind image type to Maemo devices via USB
* "cold" flashing for devices with bricked bootloaders
* direct kernel boot without flashing it to NAND
* changing configuration of Maemo device (R&D flags, HW revision strings, ...)

Supported are the Nokia 770, N800, N810, N810w, N900, N950 and N9.
- maemo flasher-3.5
supported devices: N900, N810, N800, 770
- libusb-0.1.12
- ssh client
- mc

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