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I have often wondered how much time that would take,
recompiling kernels to match hardware being the obvious win.

It always seemed like it might consume too much of my peripheral time,
but is that actually the case ?

Thanks for this reminder
It is not actually that bad, I have done it twice from the scratch, once for a Cavium board (mips based) and once for x86.

The first time I did it, it took maybe two weeks working on and off with it, it was the more difficult thing since it required the cross-compiling suite to be built.
The x86-case was much easier, took less than a week.

Nowdays it is a lot easier than it usef to be; there are nice tools to help you with it, for example which is a scripting set that makes your build repeatable; you just configure it and it downloads, patches, compiles and instslls the tarballs for you.
Working with hammer makes LFS almost like installing gentoo

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