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I have a question. I have a 2gb card and a 16gb card. Would it not make more sense to use the 2gb card as the internal, and the 16gb as external if dual booting? That way I could hopefully just let the 2gb card alone, not bother with partitioning it and just use it for the os/apps and the 16gb for my stuff/data. What am I missing?

Has anyone written up some somewhat simpler instructions on doing it THAT way?
You need to format the card as an ext2 or ext3 partition for the whole (2G) card; and then have the bootmenu with the option booting from mmcblk0p1 not mmcblk0p2!

It's simple if you know how (1) to format and how (2) to set up the bootmenu. Those are basic things you should know to clone cards.