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i have a problem with the Status Menu Extensions. I posted it in the N9 QTweak forum, but it does not seem to be known since nobody has answered (

Since I installed the Status Menu Extension I cannot charge the phone while it is off. If the phone is off and I connect the charger, the phone powers on and asks me for the PIN (although it seems to take longer as ususal to power on). I tried the different "USB Settings" but in each one of them, the phone was unable to "charge only" while it was off.

If I uninstall the extensions, it works again. Is this behavior known? Is there any solution?

i have this bug before install n9tweak, before install widgets, before install unrestricted-ui, after unistall unrestricted-ui, before all many tweaks
i suppose that bug appeared from PR 1.3 like the alarms that dosent turn on the device when needed

anyway have u try to connect the phone at the charger before turn it off??
in my case this work and device stay shut up

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