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Guys, guys, hold your horses, please. Don't you think that if there were room in the spacer for all those things, there would be no need for the spacer in the first place? Or was that the point? Am I being obtuse?
I believed there was actually a lot of space in there, but apparently I understood something wrong back in the days when the idea of the spacer came up. I thought the spacer was needed only because one component (modem? Don't remember) could not fit on the PCB within N900 thickness, but that the extra thickness provided by the spacerframe was not used over the whole area.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I jumped in after the post I quoted in my previous message.

[Edit] Joerg_rw, don't know if that will be possible on the Neo900, but on my N900 I can manage to store an extra µSD on top of the currently used µSD, just by shifting it a little so the bump does not stack. No noticeable extra pressure on the back cover.

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