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I've put together basic Pebble classic support for the N900. You should be able to:

- display calls with name or number
- display messages
- media control omp and oscp
- reconnect after lost connection

It doesn't sound much but it's actually quite useful for my needs. The main thing I'm missing at the moment is support for displaying emails and all tips on how to list new emails on the n900 are welcome.

Download maebble at

Update maebble.cfg with you bluetooth mac (change "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx") and run "python". The logging is all over the place at the moment but run "python --print_maemo" for console logging.

Pebble API is based on Libpebble available at

Maemo SMS parsing is from HeySms available at

Use at own risk, I've used it the last couple of weeks without too much problems. I cannot tell how the battery life is affected cause my battery is in desperate need of recalibration.

UPDATE 2017-05-22:

I've finally updated maebble to support other firmware versions. Maebble v0.91 is tested with v1 (on pebble classic), v3 (on pebble classic) and v4 (on pebble time).

Download maebble v0.91 at:

New in config-file is that you can specify how often time on watch should be updated (setting is in hour, set to 0 to not update).

New in this update:
- v3 notifications
- email notifications (very basic, just account and number of new emails)
- ping method
- set time method
- get watch version method
- music volume up/down
- new parameter --config_file to use multiple watches (mainly for testing purpose)
- the delay in music control should be much less of a problem now with minor bug fix and changed sleep values

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