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Hi, rinigus.
Many thanks for this detailed explanation. I'll see and try.
This story with battery is by origin from N9. It's good application for N9(and symbian devices) EnergyProfiler. I know current in standbye mode(only 2G=on) for N9 is 7...9mA(2mA for N52) and for battery 1450 mAh -> 1450/9=161h=6.7days. Aqua Fish battery have 2500 mAh and for current 23 mA I have 108.7h=4.5days only. And it's close to my practice for this moment. It's bad.
I don't know why consumption is three times more but I would like to reduce consumption. I know the difference between N9 and Jolla_C, but... :-)
... and I started with this project since the port of SFOS to Nexus 4 was not able to have enough power for a day . Don't know what would it be on full standby since I have to use it.

I guess obvious places to look at are:

* CPU sleep %.
* for how long a single sleep lasts
* is sleep is interrupted frequently, check number of forks per second
* check whether suspend attempts have a high success rate. if there are many failures, you can try to debug why
* check distribution of CPU frequencies. usually, the lowest frequency is dominating since your phone is mainly waiting for some network package to arrive
* cellular / wifi radio signal strength

Good luck!


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