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@rinigus Battery_current, Battery_power_consumption are stranges. Current is very low for this consumption. I'm not a programmer, I don't understand how this is possible.
@XOleg, thank you for posting graphs. And thank you for using Report feature - as its exactly intended for what you did!

From the graphs I can see that the device wakes up once in ~150 s and spends probably about 4.5 s awake. I think that the reporting on collectd side should be fine here.

Maybe on your device StateFS values are not updated during this period and that's why you see bogus 0 on current. While you stated earlier that the value is non-zero during sleep, we would have to see it by calling cat on /run/state/namespaces/Battery/Current . Tricky part is that you have to do it while its awaking in deep sleep. One way is to start terminal and enter

sleep 15m; date; cat /run/state/namespaces/Battery/Current

and hope that it will get fired during deep sleep part (sleep
would usually be counted on awake CPU time). If its zero then there is nothing I can do - its just reported wrong by the OS. If its some other value and collectd is reporting it wrong then we would look into it deeper.

Now, looking on your graphs all seems to be fine with the exception of used CPU frequency. For some reason, your phone does not use frequencies below 800MHz. On my OnePlus X and Nexus 4, the lowest frequency was used the most. I think that's where you should get some improvement.

I think I saw something regarding optimization of kernel settings in TJC. You may want to check out there or some AquaFish-related forums over here.

Please let us know whether the changes in governor would help. Would be great to see frequency distribution and whether it helped your battery. Even if we cannot get current graph always perfectly, battery % reduction would already tell something.