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flash your device in open mode with an open kernel (see ubiboot)
this is the right thing, else you will often run into/against the aegis wall
or try to handle that with aegis-dpkg or other hacks like inception (afaik not working anymore) or other (someone more info?)

on the device $ changes to # when getting root via devel-su but via ssh I do not know

devel-su is like sudo gainroot on N900 and as there is no su (with suid bit) you need devel-su

you cannot ssh as root but need to connect as user or develop(er) and then devel-su

and as long as you do not boot with an open mode kernel you will never have full root rights

oh, I miss my N9!

and there are wikis and lot of threads like
how to resurrect my N9

have fun with this gem!
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