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Hey guys,

I am sick and tired of my overpriced and useless dsl connection with its consistent issues. In the end I prefer using my phone's 3g and my phone as a 3g hotspot for other devices (such as PC and tablets).

However, I like the comfort of using my high quality router (Netgear AC1750 r6300v2) and a laptop and desktop hooked up through lan. I use input director to control both. I also have a lot of media on my network that I would like to use.

Is there any way to use my N900 through USB tether (ideally) as a 3g modem hooked up to my router as the modem? I would even be happy to hook it up to my router wirelessly, but since my router has a usb 3 and a usb 2 port, I would like to keep the phone charging during that time as well (but can live without it in a worst case scenario).

Some ASUS routers already have this feature:

Another solution that a guy pulled off and that the N900 may be able to pull off more easily:

I would really like the tech and networking experts to brainstorm some interesting solutions to this.