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I am afraid not. I can only think of what others have said.

Make devicelockd crash within 1 min with watchdog disabled, seems to be possible.

Can you test with an device that is accesable?

Is there difference when you need to enter lockcode on boot with an device that is already fully booted and then locked?

My suspicion is that the system halts booting because it's waiting on devicelockd or something related to it before advancing.

A system that already has been booted and then locked might already be past that stage and if you make devicelockd then crash, it opens the last open application or menu instead.

This is what I think, nothing garantueed to work as I only know the N900. Never had an Harmattan Device in my hands.

Can you help me here? It's my real problem.
I would like to access to complete OS. not only contact and call....

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