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Yeah seems to be a conflict with the page back swipe gesture.
I wonder if there is a possibility to enter some threshold for this.

Try swiping from down bottom right to upper left and that should work much nicer than (it shouldn't jump back then). Longer swipe might also help here. (Just a workaround for now until I find out how to add that threshold for back swiping or need to find another way to workaround this problem somehow)
Yes, doing as you suggested (and being really careful while swiping) indeed helps. But a fix qould be welcome

Originally Posted by llelectronics View Post
As for the icon. How about adding a white play icon onto it (centered).
Just like the one I ship with the player sources ? (triangle)
Good idea. Like this?
Changed it from white to black to fit the color scheme of the icon.

EDIT: attached one with a white play icon just for reference, but it doesn't look very good. I tried to add a black border too, but it's even worse.

EDIT2: or, if you prefer the play icon to be white, we can change the background colour. I have a soft spot for yellow as of late, but any colour will do, just tell me what you want me to try
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