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My main concern with any Nokia and its Derivatives: will it be supported? Nokia has this disease of ditching.
N900 was ditched within few months. N9 was born almost doomed.

Not just that, Nokia Lumia 900 is also already dead. (Not that i care for Lumia's)

Jolla having roots with Nokia, should break away from this malaise and make a commitment to support the device/OS they release.

Take for example: Galaxy Nexus or Iphone 3gs or the Blackberry's. These are more or less still supported; updates released.

The idea is to focus. Release a great hardware and good software and then focus on improving software, each iteration. (although this didn't work with Playbook so far). And Please Release hardware that is not outdated even before the release.

Apologies for my rant. But i love both my N900 and N9. The way one loves a challenged kid.

Looking forward eagerly to what is in store!!! Jolla..come hit me with your best!!

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