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Isn't the 18th to be a little late? Considering that the are giving their big reveal only 3days after, their press office are going to be very busy that week and by the time they pick up the questionnaire they would have answered half of the questions in the announcement.
My prior post was wrong, the date should've been 15/11 630pm AustEST....

Yes even the 15th is, they were going to get back to us with some answers many wks ago, I forgot to chase them up, nor should I have to, it appears to have fallen totally off their radar.
I think there's quite a few intelligent qn/ideas/concerns etc. still missing, which is why I think it's a good idea to get some input from the community's most clued-up users for at least a few more days.
Even if the 15th isn't enough time for them to absorb & get back to us before Slush, at least Slush will probably cover a large chunk of what's been raised...
And anything that isn't, well hopefully they can address all or some of that in the proceeding days/weeks....
I guess we could forget extensions & make 15/11 630pm AustEST the absolute deadline for final draughts to be sent, or possibly allow for just 1 more day i.e. 16/11 630pm AustEST?

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other question: in future will have jolla os open development? (like maemo5 on gitorious) or will be development closed behind the door? (like android)
Please put this sort of stuff in the relevant doc(s) (see OP), it may have already been raised, so make sure it isn't already there, TY.

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I trimmed and merged various duplicates in the questions list and broke it into more sections. Please review it and add whatever else is needed.
I don't think we need a separate list with concerns to be mailed to Jolla, since it's too premature. Questions list would be enough (we can maintain that concerns list for the future of course).
Thanks for that! I think you might be right on the concerns/criticisms doc, that could be left for the days/wks after Slush.

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