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Okey guys,

this project is probably the future of N900. And Maemo.
What is possible:
  • Full Android compatibility - the Replicant project, see for more details. That means NO problems with wifi, bluetooth or camera as in NITDroid project.
  • Upstream kernel - 3.10, there are a few "issues" but it can be fixed. If we want the true Maemo successor, it's a bad idea to port it with old kernel.


And more. Its now just on you. With new HW, with new open hardware, we could make amazing things.

This, is the next step in evolution of Maemo.
What we are looking for now, are coders (kernel porting..), graphics (some propagation stuff - website, addvertisments and so on..) and, finally, you guess right, money.

Now we need just something about $200 - for an experimental n900 for openmoko community.

If you want to donate, you can do so via Donation to Hildon foundation. Or you can donate the whole (but functional) N900, if you want.

Feel free to augment this thread. We are Maemo Not Nokia.


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