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Originally Posted by nodevel View Post
As usual, you need to refresh your repositories first with
pkcon refresh
I'm having the same install dependency error as pagis, and refreshing repos didn't do it.

Now I'm entirely new to Sailfish, which I just installed under MultiROM on a OnePlus One. And my last experience using RPM packaging was about 13 years ago. And the Sailfish port was missing a few things to start with that I had to install manually -- so I think it's possible that I just don't have the right repository enabled. I can do a pkcon search for "qt5-plugin-geoservices" and not find the "here" package but the "nokia" and "osm" ones are found (in installed state, btw).

I running the community port of Sailfish by yacuken on the forums.

Ideas anyone? Thanks.

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