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Okay, we're still getting new threads that are not Brainstorms, as well as instances of solutions blended with problems, so I'll reiterate a few points:

- this is not the forum for how to code
- this is not the forum for troubleshooting device issues
- this is definitely not the forum for fighting amongst ourselves

It IS however the forum for improving the Maemo device experience.

To begin, simply identify a need, post the problem at the Brainstorm page ( as well as a thread here and crosslink the two.

Note: solutions should not be included in the problem description! They are each added separately.

It's best to push Brainstorm proposals as far upstream as possible in nature, so as to address issues at the highest level and provide opportunity for numerous solutions (which don't have to be mutually exclusive). Here's a good example:

[Under vote] Ovi Maps improvement suggestions

In addition, please search/browse through this subforum and the Brainstorm page to avoid creating redundant entries.

These practices will help us keep the process clean, and help solution implementers in their efforts.

Thanks for your participation!
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