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Originally Posted by velokin View Post
Hi Endsormeans,
Thanks or your detailed directions. Unfotunately I an not aware of
moast of things there ((thats why I have much fun there (atleast I am ambitious)) such as:
1. This ASUI page shall I download all the files in it?
2. My N800 can't read and accept files extentions such as dll, gz,
nrd there kind of file extention converter?
3. What is this "gainroot" meaning? As you say may be I have it already, and last
4 from where can I download this new version of DIABLO-TURBO
provided I have the older version installed? Shall it reload authomati
Sorry for these questions, but hope that you will send some short simple answers. Thanks again
best, velokin
Hey man! glad to hear from you. Ah ...goin' for a dip nearer the deep end of the pool I see . Good.
1- the green buttons and the highlit "diablo-turbo kernel" link in the top section of the page ( ) are what you need..As far as the "Diablo/SDK Tools" button on the shouldn't have to worry about it...unless you get that specific lib issue.. Older versions below this section you don't need.
2- dll ...etc file extensions shouldn't be an issue at this point.
disregard them for the moment...ok?
3- "gainroot".."root"...hell the App manager calls it "rootsh".. but once installed it is called "xterm" on your n800...the same program...just goes by many ESSENTIAL enables you to do alot to your n800 that otherwise you could not. Once you start up the App Manager ...inside the app manager you need to enable the 1 disabled repository located by opening the title up at the top of your n800 "APP MANAGER" it is a dropdown.
Located in the dropdown box is a section called "tools" click on it and a submenu "Add/Remove Repositories" is on it. It will open the Repo will find 1...(the only fact)....greyed-out... disabled on it and "enable"....close the window...let the App Manager do it's thing (ALWAYS..remem. to let it do it's thing...for later on the more repos you add...the longer it will need to do it's thing patience at that point...but at this point it should respond relatively is just 1 repo more...later it will be then it will need the time.) So once the App Manager has updated itself that blue progression bar will be gone...lists of App categories or their contents may still need a moment to worries...then open "All" and you should see quite a few more repos than before (this is nothing compared to what you get after gronmayer's repo list ) ...scroll down until you see a program called "rootsh"...that is root...gainroot...or as the nokia calls it once installed ..."x terminal" the darn thing already
4- In the top section ( )...there are the links you ...
ROOT ASUI and CSSU have the diablo-turbo prerequisites met..Or better have . They will mention again what they are and where they are .specifically...
ALL the direct instructions are right here

(FROM THE GET-GO .... I SUGGEST INSTALLING OR ENABLING NOTHING ELSE OTHER THAN THAT 1 SPECIFIC REPO FOR ROOT...the ASUI...AND CSSU.upgrades ....IN OTHER WORDS ...TO MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR YOU....DO A FRESH CLEAN REFLASH 1st....THEN INSTALL/ENABLE ONLY WHAT IS REQUIRED ....THEN makes trouble shooting easier...fewer probs and conflicts....etc etc...THEN when you are ALL done ...install anything that pleases you.)

Follow .... To the letter...the instructions on the diablo-turbo linked page.... In fact ...increase page size on your comp so you can read it clearly. since when in "root" every mistake, omission, misplaced space... has a consequence. Worst'll have to reflash until you get it right. Good practice anyway.

By the time you are done trying to get diablo-turbo will be able to go from Nokia "stock" state to Diablo-Turbo in minutes. hehe you'll be a pro at it.
Think of it as a puzzle that must be solved if you want the prize...the prize being the ability to have alot more on your device than you can alot more than before...and make you even more curious as to what you can do next....As well it will make you well-nigh fearless ...You'll realize at this point that you REALLY do have complete control of your device.(cool)..and that it is hard to REALLY break it.(uber-cool)
If at any point my help just doesn't seem to help...that's cool...eventually you will get it..It'll come to you like a eureka .....Think you can't do it?....You don't solve it?...well...You don't get the prize
..THAT makes it intriguing and fun...
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