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Besides, blaming Android is getting a bit old. Who are you going to blame for my Jolla also not seeing the hotspot created by my N900?
My blaming should emphasis that it could be lost time to work on it and it was related to the topic. I don't want to hurt Android-lovers, many people are satisfied with there Android and it fits there needs. Thats why Android is so successful.
Go ahead blame your Jolla I don't care it is also not a perfect device in my eyes.

In principle all smart phones have there barriers and need to be blamed for the network stuff also the N900.
It is like this, because they want to protect the stupid user and want to satisfy the mobile operators.

However to achieve my individual goals it is the easiest and fastest with N900, it is most flexible.
I guess in my dreams the definition of a smart phone is different like a small mobile computer. Thats why my mobile phone is still a N900 and I have many other smart phones in my drawer which are newer.

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