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Who is still around and what are your thoughts about repeating the competition. Specifically, is there anything we want to do differently this year (other than having voting ready to go)?
Voting has been the sticky point in the first two coding competitions so you're definitely correct to highlight that. The good thing is that we've been through the process now, there won't be the same delay as last time. We should also reach out to Zehjotkah to see if he's happy again to accept donations to his paypal for collecting a community bounty. And arranging some prizes in general. Those 3 things in place - voting, paypal, prizes - the rest of the competition will fit into place.

Oh and someone to do the driving - a focal point for questions, getting threads created, keeping everyone updated, etc etc .. i did the first one, Zehjotkah drove the second one.. he might like to do it again, he did a great job.. is there anyone else who'd like a go at that?
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