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Originally Posted by freemangordon View Post
osso-systemui-tklock (touch screen unlock slider)
osso-systemui-powerkeymenu (the menu that appears when you press the power key)
those had severe memory leaks, should be fixed in their re-write counterparts

Please test and report if something is not as it should be.
Hi freemangordon,


But I need to report at least one oddity with powerkeymenu. I extracted the lib from deb, put it to right place and restarted.
When I want to start top or call my own scripts from menu, there is something strange.
When I have a x-terminal open, everything is fine.
But when there is not already a x-term open, then nothing happens.
A fast compare with included systemui.xml against my own did not show anything different.

For the other two packages I did not find anything odd.
Especially the alarmui package has been tested for longer time (and we found that h-h with some widget may cause not-ringing, but it is/was not cuased by alarmui itself).
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