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Ahh, so it was only the data connection that did NOT work, your voice&SMS were resatored when you updated credit to the account? I missed that bit of information in the original question!
Sorry, I did not make it explicit and I realize it may not be obvious to those not familiar with how prepaid cards work.

Voice must be available all the time. One reason is so that you can always call emergency services, even without credit. Another one is so that you can call the credit top-up number and type in your voucher details. You can also call any other free number. And lastly, you can still receive calls and texts even without credit, although I know of providers who cut you off completely when you do not top up for a certain time (3 months, a year, or more, depending on the provider).

Did you check what the established connection was, 2G, 3G, 4G?
That's the funny thing. It showed 4G in the status bar, right next to the network icon with the star in it. Pity I did not take a screenshot

My provider does not even support 2G. It is a relatively new one who never bothered with 2G to start with.
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