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Actually, the data rates leading to the iPhone's success aren't it at all. While they definitely helped (Canada has ridiculous data rates, even still), the iPhone came with enough junk out of the box that made it a useful internet appliance/mobile phone. While you can't view flash on it, the browsing experience beat out what I've had on the 770/N810.

My N810 is gathering some dust now, I only had about 10 hours on it before it sadly lost some of it's appeal to me. Unless Nokia pressures providers, I don't see the successor getting any decent data rates; the ones I've seen up here are all iPhone only.
While I agree that Apple smartly provided the iPhone with good out-of-the-box stuff, you ought to try, if you haven't, the tear browser, especially with java turned off (except when needed) -- it's very fast, and I find it beats the pants off the browser on the touch (hence the iPhone).