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I would like to install it on my micro sd card on my Jolla 1.

I have copy the gz file to media/sdcard/

tar -xzvf ArchLinuxChrootFS-armv7.tar.gz
(inside sdcard dir)

Do i need to exctract files on /media/sdcard/ dir or
/media/sdcard/52e641ba-23bf-430c-846a-f69a7624d46a dir?
I'm pretty sure /media/sdcard/ is your rootfs and /media/sdcard/52e641ba-23bf-430c-846a-f69a7624d46a is your sd card. You can confirm it using:
df -h /media/sdcard/
df -h /media/sdcard/52e641ba-23bf-430c-846a-f69a7624d46a

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Now the dir is about 8 GB why?

how to reduced it? Cause my storage now is full.
I know nothing about arch but maybe clean some package manager cache.
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Since i have Manjaro installed i can't enter in mass storage mode when i plug usb on my pc why? hiw to resolve that? i can only with developer mode.
You can't use sdcard and mass storage simultanuesly. First you must unmount Manjaro or reboot phone. Better use mtp or sftp (filezilla).
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