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Originally Posted by pythoneye2 View Post
for u-boot select u-boot console then type run sdboot.
username/password: root/toor

I couldnot get wifi too work, despite copying wl1251-fw.bin and wl1251-nvs.bin to /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity, i cant connect to my network.

Device shows up, syslog messages are
wl1251: loaded
wl1251: initialized

"iwlist wlan0 scan" lists all networks

i set up /etc/network/interfaces
ifup wlan0

dhcp forever, iwconfig no values set..

ESSID: off/any
AP: Not-Associated

wl1251: firmware booted (Rev

I tried to create a script setting some values like (ESSID) via iwconfig (which seems to work), but failed to connect.

(It is the same in my wickets 4.1 config, maybe i should try conman)

Maybe someone has already found a way to get it work?
I had xfce installed, and for sure it worked from wicd, though I had to change some setting to make it use something newer (sorry, can't remember now what it was ).

What definitely works from console is wpa_supplicant, though iirc you should use nl80211 driver, not wext. Could be the same that had to be changed in wicd.
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