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I don't know why there's so many people saying AGPS is not needed. Well it is true, it isn't truly needed - GPS indeed will get a lock on its own, but it can take more than 10 minutes... This long time to lock may make people think it's not working.

Things that would be great to have a quick lock:

- Geotagging photos. Though geotagging has been a privacy issue if not handled properly, it makes it easier for someone to remember where they took a particular picture if they didn't label them.
- Location based services like Mobile web page. If you're out of gas and don't want to spend 10 minutes to find a close (and possibly even cheap) gas station in a town you don't know.
- Power saving. Being able to just get a quick lock via AGPS when you switch on your map and turn it off to save power. The alternative is to keep the GPS running all the time... If only it didn't take a minute or so to even get a warm lock (and the power burn while waiting for the lock.)

I guess one does get spoiled when AGPS works as it should.