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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
But when was your last fix and how far did you move since then?
Good question, did not really think about before posting. Cannot remember now anymore, but most probably it was a long time ago, as I mainly use GPS functionality with my N9 nowadays. But probably almanch data was already up-to-date. So ...

Originally Posted by Ulle View Post
... So I'd rather doubt that probs are caused by Googles PKI. Last root certificate changes for were in mid 2011 (from Thawte to Equifax/Geotrust).
Yep, true!
I also invested some time and tried to invetigate. But only thing I could find out, it has nothing to do with certificates. openssl revealed full access to supl. But as well as to So only thing I can imagine is, closed binary GPS blob may still use ssl v2 (I could not establish ssl2 conn to those servers)?

Originally Posted by Ulle View Post
... As has stopped working with N900 I started searching for other supl servers, unfortunatly there are not many around. I found

seemingly to be active. With my dish icon stopped blinking after some minutes, so I'm fine with this. Didn't check the others for location data, just for propper TLS responses .
Thanks for sharing.
vodafone needs more testing, as my GPS is locked right now ...
sonyericsson would need some sony self-signed certificate, which I could not find
similar applies to (do you have those certificates?).

Anybody out there needs to know that!!!
It is impossible that the whole internet/world community does not know why we are doomed

So -please- any one knowledged step up and speak out.
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