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Hehe... I had no idea when I could get to this prototype to do some its photos, but since n950 (finally lol) got himself an incomplete RM-581 Columbus and once again going to turn on the "fotoripper" mode, I decided to make few full-fledged photos. Not so good and clean, haha, but here's night already, I have no light box (with flash to many glare) and all next few weeks I will be quite busy. So don't really know when I will get next chance to spent some time on this stuff, thence I deciced better this than nothing.
I think all who see my Protos know that I prefer various interesting S60 Proto/smartphones and I'm quite cold to Harmattan/MeeGo, but also love this stuff too. As abt Columbus it's interested for me because on it's base was done RM-596 Vasco (Nokia N8-00) and RM-679 Sanlitun (Nokia T7-00) (Simplified Vasco for China Mobile - 8MP Camera/No AF/No HDMi/Limited Gold cover). So here's two very rare Internal Engeneering Prototype MockUps that was used very deep in Nokia after was decided to make Vasco with S^3 on Columbus base for various internal Nokia presentations. I got them in ~2012 from my friend who works on Vasco and as I know nothing from these things already exist. Also I never see complete RM-581. Columbus here still with incomplete design (but compete chassis) with 8MP AF mark on camera, same to the Vasco - it's one of the earliest it's Design Protos - to many details from Columbus. Retail N8-00 have quite unique design and can't be confused with Columbus. So, I think that material may be quite interesting to community oldies/ Nokia collectors.

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