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Since the current version of Fahrplan (at no longer supports the N900 and since plans to mate the backend part of that with a N900 compatible frontend seem to have died (Halftux posted an unfinished binary back in 2015 with no source code being posted and no further updates), I have taken the version of Fahrplan in extras-devel and added support for Translink here in Queensland, Australia.

It works by making the same HTTP POST requests as the journey planner web page that's built into the official Translink app for Android (at and parsing the JSON you get back.

GPS lookups (i.e. find the location closest to your current GPS coordinates) are supported as well as looking up by string (e.g. type "Beenleigh" and get "Beenleigh Station", "Beenleigh Mall", "Beenleigh Library" etc back for you to pick the one you want)

I have attached a source tarball with all my changes in it plus a binary .deb package.
Running it will require libqjson0 0.8.1 from extras-devel ( to be installed on your phone and compiling it will require that plus libqjson-dev 0.8.1 from extras-devel ( to be installed in your dev environment. Everything else is the same as stock Maemo.

Please let me know what you think (e.g. are there things I can do better/differently, things that dont work or information I should be displaying but don't)
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