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All I can say is that I had to diagnose a network problem a few weeks ago and had both a 7" LineageOS tablet with a USB keyboard portfolio case but I chose my N900 to diagnose the problem and then telnet in to change settings because I have no idea how to do that without spening hours hunting down a bunch of oddball android apps. The N900 is a real if impure GNU-Linux computer in your pocket. The an Android is just a fast accessory with a nice browser and a few extra sensors, especially NFC for transit card loading and reading. But I don't go out without my N900 even if it require also carrying a battery pod. I am staring down the barrel of a future where I feel I might have to build a small slider keyboard tablet from a wifi/bt Pi-zero and 3D print a case so I have a real up to date GNU/Linux pocket computer also suitable for browsing to tether to a 3g or 4g dumb phone with bluetooth.

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