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I'm "trying" to get mine RMA'd by vendor (en route following vendor supplied shipping label, but not sure I'm actually getting replacement), after:

1. Metal surround for USB receptacle came apart at the seam (its crimped, not soldered/welded).

2. The whole receptacle came out, along with power plug, after fully charging. USB data cable didn't seem as tight.

I second trying to do something with the springloaded pins...seems a really tight fit with the microUSB power connector. Neither the case, nor the phone's internals, help brace the USB port. After taking it apart, I confirmed that there were only (4) small soldering points (1mm sq. each), and (2) slightly larger squares affixed with some red "epoxy(?)". In any case, I wasn't impressed with how its supported, having no issues with my micro USB port on my Motorola Q for the past two years.

Given that this is an unlocked phone (i.e. cost more, not able to walk in to store for replacement) and after giving up on the "DROID", I really want this phone to work for me. I'll most likely be installing some sort of "homemade brace" to help support the port. Even if its a few drops of silicon or rubber cement on the top, as a buffer against the internal housing which sits above.

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