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The major problem is that I might not be able to do things on that dialog because it is no longer my code. I have a lot of ideas for it and I would have to work through your code to implement them.
Well, I have no objection if you change my code, in the end you are the maintainer
I would just try to keep the code simple, though powerful enough for the user to change it to their preferences.

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f you really want to we can use your design although I really liked mine. But we have to make a few adjustments.
The plan is to make the view configurable, so that the user decides which item to display where and how many columns are occupied by an item.

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Here are my points:
  • the heartrate field with the bar graph is much to small. We can keep that but heartrate needs to be a selectable value for one of the bigger fields
  • current day time (clock), must always be visible
  • battery level of heartrate device
There are several options for this. One is a status bar at the top, which would contain the current clock and GPS signal strength. I think this information do not need as much space as the field with the other information. The battery level of the heart rate device could also went to this status bar.

Alternatively, the heart rate field could contain a bar with the percentage of the battery.

At the moment all fields have the same QML element, but this is not necessary, it would also be possible to have a custom element for some/all fields.

What do you think?

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By the way, how is it looking in map mode?
At the moment it would occupy two rows and would be on top of the grid. First I had in within the grid and reduced the fields to three rows, but I thought it might be better on top of the grid with the possibility to slide it to the top.

I would keep the button at their position, because it's easier to reach and you do not need to look for the buttons because the map moved them up. I don't have strong feelings about this though.
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