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Back in June I was unable to update to Mouhjoki on either Jolla1 or Tablet. It was recommended, by karlos devel that I try a factory reset but I put it off. So as not to fall too far behind updates with Nurmonjoki released, I tried factory reset and it worked! The tablet required 3 or 4 updates to get to Nurmonjoki but Jolla1 required quite a few more as I was starting from the beginning. But, I didn't mind, at least this time, because it was like going back in time and seeing all the changes and improvements that had been made. Indeed, it was kind of fun to poke about after each update and I could really appreciate the tremendous effort Jolla had put into its development of Sailfish as it evolved fron the original version. I hope it continues as Jolla has made something very nice here.

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