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Honestly I'm not worried about epic-apoco-disaster happening here...the place disappearing here...once...a couple yrs ago I was concerned.
places like internet archives and wayback machine are excellent failsafe.
Today I'm more concerned about only a couple of things for the n770 and n8x0 in particular.....permanent power solutions (which I am working on) utilizing usb power (as a permanent plugged in solution or portable battery or portable solar battery ...which I will be messing with too) to really free the devices (it's only a matter of time until it becomes really difficult finding proper batts.)

and of course reelin' in the strays so-to-speak.

Have everything under one unified roof.
That takes a few peeps and esp. some of our voted-in members who can effect that kinda earth-moving works.
After that it is simply maintaining, adding to, and improving upon all the cool stuff ever created for our devices.

yeah as far as why I have so many n8x0's is that I have
1 of each n800 and n810 doing daily duty.
1 of each to really mess around and experiment with without worrying I may brick the only device I have with my incessant puttering...
and lastly 1 of each as back-ups in case something happens to my daily's or x-perimentor's
Also the n810 thinner with the backlit keyboard and 1 minsd card slot is great for puttering and going out for the day...
The n800 is fab for serious work and serious storage with it's two standard sd card slots.
(If asked what 2 things at this moment I would want for entertainment if I were stranded on a desert island for god-knows-how-long I would say... my Solio 3 panel charger (allowing me almost 24/7 perpetual device usage without being plugged into an outlet) and one of my n800's packed to the gills and with the option of running a few different os's or d.e.'s I won't get bored anytime soon....
I got the complete works of shakespeare on film, as well as a ton of games, more film, 1000's of books, and I don't know how much music all my fav groups total collections ..from every genre ....all on one n800.)
Anyway back to topic...
It will also get harder to find replacement devices given time...not to mention..I have seen them cheaper than they currently are in the auction houses...and for good reason...they are a wicked device line ...modern devices are slick and powerful ...but often are closed and unhackable or with some other failing...poor resolution, bloated systems, problematic hardware..."bendgate" for sd card slot at all...or worse... communities and corps that truly abandon their devices...forcing people into the next piece of crap.
One of the best things about them is they are made of undestroyablanium ...or next to that mah little beasties. I still have all my original devices in excellent shape and working order.
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