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In Australia, there is this site selling what is claimed to be, new n900.
TigerMobile (that also trades as FastMobile) (I believe they only ship locally).
The reviews for them are very discouraging, many being upset about lengthy waiting periods for delivery after placing order/payment.
Some say they ordered iphones advertised are new, that ended up being refurbished, as well as refund troubles.

I messaged them through their website form, asking whether they can provide anymore details about there stock (hardware revision, where it is sourced), with no reply as yet.

Has anyone dealt with then before? Worth the risk?
There is a phone number I can try ringing, anything particular I should ask (they would probably say, it's on a top self in our warehouse, I'm not going to go through the trouble of looking/opening a box)?

I'll have to do some legal research first, if I decide to give them a go, in case they do turn out to be fraudulent.

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