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Let's manage expectations here.

If there is some kind of release next month, it is highly unlikely MeeGo on the n900 will be in a usuable state. Not for daily use anyway.

Bear in mind there maybe very little functionality at the moment.

If people are eager for MeeGo to be available on the n900 then install it ans report bugs - if you can maybe fix a few.

This is a "proper" open-source project now - a few companies are supporting the effort and its open to the community at large.

This is great news and shows Linux (in any form) is here to stay in the mobile sector.

We actually have a tangible alternative to proprietory systems.

P.S. It does raise the question of "What will Nokia do with closed-source binaries?" Hopfully the answer will be open-source them or develop open-source alternatives at very least publish specifications..
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