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Apart from the Youtube search, are you planning to add gestures (back 10 sec/1 min, forward 10 sec/1 min), or advanced player options in the pulley menu (browse subtitles even if != name.avi, subtitles downloader (like in MPC or UMPlayer), audio delay, etc.)?
Gestures would conflict with the pageStack gestures so I have no plan for this currently.
Subtitles would be cool but currently I don't see the possibility for the QML MediaPlayer API to load them (maybe this changes with some newer version though)
The same goes for audio delay and so on.

What I want to add besides youtube search is a file information dialog so that you see your files metadata.
Some kind of error output and the ability to load a video file as parameter from the terminal (that would also make it possible to use this video player as default mimetype for video files which would make jolla-fileman and others building upon xdg-open to open up the video file with my player).
Cover Actions also needs some love. And perhaps I come up with some other nice ideas. And of course always code cleanup

As for youtube downloading and full fledged youtube support I guess next year when python3 and its support for qt5 will come we will see some cool apps like cutetube (although I am not sure if its python based or pure c++, I guess the latter) and so on.

I have trouble reading some files though, but it might be related to gstreamer. The default Sailfish player has the same problems with these files (which work properly on my computer, .mp4 and .avi). Some mplayer support someday would be great.
Mplayer will most probably definitely come to sailfish (but I am not sure if I will support it with this player though). But I guess with the newest gstreamer (1.0) which will hopefully come with one of the updates of sailfish the problems with file compatibility and codecs should go away.

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