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sure they did. Everybody knows about all other crappy closed services. Which I don't use and everybody look at me like I'm a weirdo. But on the other hand, at least no one bothers me all the time. My wife uses all those things and her phone is beeping all the time. I would go nuts in 3 days.
After all, if any of those services work so does the phone. Call me if you need me. Or send the SMS. They are mostly free and unlimited here.
Offtopic: Dude, you just described me and my girl. The majority of clueless "smartphone" dumbusers have their phones on 30eur+ contract with 1-3GB data, 300/600/unlimited minutes, 1000/unlimited sms, but the only thing they care of is whatsap, fb and all that crap. I already deducted why this social-addicted mass is reluctant to pick up the phone and call someone like in good old days. Cause 1 hour of whatsap nonsense chat is equivalent to 5 minutes of phone talk, thus they are pretending to have far more to say than it would look like during the call.
Seen in the comments section for an article on xda:
"I see a lot of complaints about Google deciding to keep data on their servers indefinitely.
Well, if that's the price for FREE AI. I'm in".

Boy, what can I say? EPIC......No, LEGENDARY......

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