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[*]My 4 years old walks into the room and asks, "What are you doing, daddy?". "I am talking to your auntie in Italy." "Can I see her?"
It's so much easier to click one button and turn on video than asking the other party to start another application they may not even have.
As for text messages/video/audio calls, they're all "bundled" in SIP. Hoever, text messages may not work with all SIP proxies (aka 'providers'). From free SIP proxies (that even give you free PST number) where text messages works, I could recommend

Of course, it doesn't matter if you set own your own PBX at @home - then, whatever you want, will be working.

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[*]The other party asks me how to do XYZ. (S)he is not a computer geek and needs showing. So I go, "click this button and I will share my screen with you and show you."
Oh the number of times I tried setting up X11 screen sharing through SSH on my N900 and failed... and I am a geek. I cannot expect my sister faffing around with VNC, that would be way above her head.
For noob-friendly desktop sharing on windoze, windows built-in RDP desktop sharing should be good enough. There is client for connecting to RDP desktop for Maemo, too.

Now, I understand the convenience of sharing desktop by "one click", but I also consider this a hell of security risk, especially, if build into application that is obfuscated as hell and no one knows what it is really doing.

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Again, I know. And I even care to some extent. But most people don't even know what a motherboard is. And when you explain it to them, they go, so what?
They have collected data illegally, without informing users. Motherboard thing was just incident that leaked, they could collect, as well, literally everything from victim's PC.

If that isn't good enough argument, then it boils down to using any_random_software that is harmful, just because everyone else is doing so, and my heoroine (as in drugs) example apply.

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So yes, Skype no longer working on my phone is a big deal. Not the end of the world but a major inconvenience.
Understanding and respecting.

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