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I have the tablet for a couple of days now. And I quite like it. The hardware feels solid. Way better than my jolla phone did. (blown up speaker, dead pixels, dead vibration thingie) but time will tell how this one holds up.

I am not a typical power user but sometimes like to fiddle around a bit. I really hope that most of the phone apps get ported soon. Although the android experience is pretty good when it comes to all the things that I need. (social networking, following sports etc)

Everything could be a bit faster but I've read here and there that they're working on it at Jolla. Only thing that does not work roperly is the gps. It keeps showing me at my old work lacation probably because of the a gs but so far no luck clearing of overwriting this. Found a couple of threads about this, but no way to fix this yet. If anyone has tips?

So in general I'm happy. Will try to get more into detail the next couple off days.
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