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We now have interactive block diagrams:

The PDF versions show the various functional blocks and the names of key components.
The HTML versions show the same information and when moving the mouse pointer over one of the boxes, a menu with additional information (mainly links) pops up.

In addition to the Neo900/GTA04b7v2 block diagram, we now also have one for the Nokia N900, ancestor of the Neo900 design. This is to facilitate technical comparisons, which will be particularly relevant when it comes to adapting N900 software for the Neo900.

When a subsystem we have in Neo900 also existed in N900 and we only changed some chips, then the pop-up shows the N900 information in italics, followed by a horizontal rule and then the Neo900 information.

Please note that the main purpose of these block diagrams is to support the on-going engineering effort. They may change frequently and will often contain transitional, somewhat cryptic, and sometimes erroneous information.

The source data and the scripts used to generate the block diagrams can be found in the following repository:

- Werner

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