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With the new block diagrams we can also do another useful thing: cache data sheets.

The issue is as follows: for development, a very large number of documents is needed. There are data sheets, errata, application notes, and so on. These document are not only needed by those who design the circuit but also by those who review it, and in some cases also when developing software, and so on.

The easiest way to work with such documents would be to collect them and to put them in a repository, for anyone interested in Neo900 to share.

This would provide a uniform access, would protect us from documents being deleted or renamed at the source, sites going down or being unreachable, and so on.

Unfortunately, these documents are virtually never distributed under terms that would us allow to do this.

We can however link to them, and I've written a script that extracts links that look like pointing to PDFs from the block diagram. This script can then download them to a local cache and rewrite the links to point to that local cache.

The process is described in this README:;a=blob;f=block/README

- Werner

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